My hair care regime

For the past 17 months I’ve been following a simple hair care regime,

I started this regime when i had my big chop, to transition stage  until now.

I use Honour your crown hair products 

Hair care regime

Hair butter

Hair mist/spray



  1. I wash my hair once a week using Honour Your Crown shampoo, then use a wide tooth comb to detangle my afro while it’s still wet.
  2. Then apply the HYC conditioner and leave in for 30 minutes while my head is wrapped in a plastic cap to generate heat to deep condition, you can also use the deep conditioning cap from BE BOUNCE ESSENTIALS  Its amazing and easy to use
  3. I let my hair air dry or use a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to avoid using heat drying.
  4. While my hair is still moist I apply HYC hair oil on my scalp working my way up the strands.
  5. I section my hair and do flat twists or Bantu knots to stretch it, I cover my hair with a silk scarf or bonnet or silk pillows you can find these at BE BOUNCE ESSENTIALS to dry properly overnight.
  6. By the morning my hair has dried properly, so I apply the HYC hair butter before undoing the flat twists or bantu knots and style as desired
  7. The hair mist helps keep my hair hydrated and protected from uv rays and smelling great.

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