Purifying peel off mask (Black mask)

Finally got to try out the “black mask ” and now I understand what the Hype is about.  Geez that thing is painful to get off, like teary eyes sore, but Long story short I’m very happy with the results, my skin feels really soft and clean, I could actually see the black and white heads and some fine hairs.  The mask comes in a … Continue reading Purifying peel off mask (Black mask)

Deep conditioning treatment

Deep conditioning treatment You need: Heated deep conditioning cap Honour your crown conditioner Shower caps Silk bonnet Wash hair with shampoo prior [I use HYC black soap shampoo] Apply conditioner on hair from root to tips [ I use HYC desert rose conditioner] Massage for a few minutes Wrap hair with the shower cap or cling wrap Cover shower cap using the silk bonnet or … Continue reading Deep conditioning treatment