Hair Care tips

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Honour Your Crown healthy hair care tips
· Keep hair moisturized to enhance elasticity and shine, to also prevent breakage and remedy brittle hair.
· Use a silk scarf to wrap up your head when you go to bed, this protects hair from friction that causes tangling and dryness.
· Swap cotton pillow cases for silk ones, silk pillow cases reduce loss of natural hair oils and moisture preventing split ends and frizz.
· Avoid heat tools and lets hair dry naturally.
· Trim away split ends.
· Use products that contain natural ingredients
· Use a wide tooth comb, and detangle when hair is wet to prevent breakage.
· Keep hair clean but do not over wash as it will strip off hair’s natural oils 
and cause imbalance in the scalp’s pH levels.
 Wash hair once or twice a week to get rid of product build up.