Purifying peel off mask (Black mask)

Finally got to try out the “black mask ” and now I understand what the Hype is about. 

Geez that thing is painful to get off, like teary eyes sore, but Long story short I’m very happy with the results, my skin feels really soft and clean, I could actually see the black and white heads and some fine hairs. 

The mask comes in a 60g tube for R350 

Available on HYC

I applied the mask over my face, focusing on the problem areas, AVOID AREAS WITH HAIR! STAY AWAY FROM YOUR EYES!  

I left it on for +_ 40 minutes ,Then peeled it off in an upward direction ( lot of ouches) 

I then removed the excess using rose water and cotton swabs, you can buy both these at a pharmacy close to you, bought mine from dischem. 

The rose water acts as a toner and helps tighten pores, my skin feels really amazing and I’m most definitely adding the black mask on my beauty regime. So should you especially if you have a lot of black or white heads. 

Beauty knows no pain! 


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